Gina Rubini and Helen.Erickson : Modeling and Role-modeling
May you always find your pink ribbon! Helen, Dec 2011
Joanne Twombly and Gina Rubini Washington
Dissociative States IFS tools, Oct 2012
Carolyn Settle MSW LCSW, Soozi Bolte LPC LISAC
EMDR and dissociation EMDRIA 2015
Treating dissociation, Ritual abuse 
Patty G Oregan and Gina Rubini
EMDR case presentation approved 20h 2012
Gina Rubini and Gary Geary
Milton Erickson foundation
Arizona, Phoenix 2011
Victoria BNC and Gina Rubini Neurofeedback
5 days 40h training Direct training 
on brain functions 2013
Gina Rubini and Claudia Schecter 
EFT Emotional Freedom Technique
EFT Universe 2011
Linda Ruff and Gina Rubini EMDR training
HAP, Arlington, USA 2010
Dr Edouard Beltrami and Gina Rubini
Gina Rubini, Dr Jean-Pierre Chiasson and Dre Michèle Bélanger
Ottawa, Canada presentation at AMPQ congress 2018
Gina Rubini and Steve Andreas
Milton Erickson Congress, 2011
Gina Rubini and Dr Pierre Assalian 2018
Sexology Canadian Board Advisory
Dr Marc Steben  Gina Rubini Dr Edouard Beltrami
50e du département de Sexologie 2019
Gina Rubini M.A & Mary Cosimano LMSW, New York, OCT 2022
Mary Cosimano works as Director of Guide/Facilitator Services at Johns Hopkins Hospital at the Center for Psychedelic and Consciousness Research since 2000. More than 450 study sessions.
Francine Shapiro EMDR & Gina Rubini, Washington EMDRIA 2012